About your photography investment:

I know, I know, "investment" can be a scary word, but investing really is what you're doing! You've worked hard, lived, and loved and your whole life has led up to right now. All of your actions and everything you've done thus far has brought you to this moment, and since you find yourself here, it's safe to assume that this moment means something to you, and you want it captured! Now, you have the opportunity to hire a photographer who will be working for you. Once you've invested in photography services, it's your photographer's job to capture and create memories that you and your loved ones can keep and cherish for a lifetime. So yes, you're investing in something big, and amazing, and I want to do everything I can to make it worth every penny! 

Wedding Packages:

2018 Wedding Packages starting at $2600.

Contact: alexandramaephoto@gmail.com
*Travel fees may apply

Portrait Sessions

1-2 hour portrait sessions for seniors, families, engagements etc. starting at $300 

*Travel fees may apply